Mare Nostrum Mediterranean Restaurant Baltimore

About Mare Nostrum - A Mediterranean restaurant in Baltimore

The ancient Romans binomo coupon code indiaused the name Mare Nostrum, an expression which means “Our Sea”, to describe the Mediterranean Sea. So, taking inspiration from around the Mediterranean, we decided to bring you our favorite food. All the dishes on our menu are prepared with special care and respect to their origins. Using fresh local produce and meats, paired with fine quality ingredients, and prepared on-site daily, the food really speaks for itself.

Our skilled chefs, inspired by ethnic and nostalgic flavors, as well as their own new creations, cook simple, fresh, and rustic food that stimulate and delights your senses. We believe in great food made not only with amazing ingredients but also with a combination of skills, palate, and experience .

Our restaurant's interior was designed by Merter Akbay, who was inspired by the culture and the history of Bodrum (Halicarnassus or Petronium), a small village of fishermen and sponge divers on the coast of Aegean Sea. The artworks showcased on the walls of our restaurant were made by artists living in Bodrum. The oil painting of Bodrum Castle (Castle of St. Peter) is a gift from famous Turkish painter Levent Deparis.

Amethyst crystals, like the large one decorating our wall, have a background in history and mythology. One of the many mythological stories is that Amethystos was a young beautiful mortal who lived during the time of the Greek Gods. She was turned into a beautiful purple crystal to protect her innocence by the Goddess Diana. Amethysts have also historically been used for protection and for faster healing. These gems were widely used by ancient Roman and Greek sailors, soldiers, and other travelers for good luck, prevention against intoxication, and faster healing of wounds.